Buy a Pair of American Eagle Outfitters Jeans or Shorts and get a Second Pair for 50% Off


A great deal on high quality jeans and shorts for both men and women today, brought to you courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters. Specializing in high quality stretch jeans that won’t go baggy, American Eagle Outfitters jeans and shorts make for great wardrobe fillers.

Buy One, Get 50% Off a Second Pair of Jeans or Shorts

About the Deal

There are a few caveats to this one, so read carefully. The discount only applies to merchandise that costs the same or less and excludes clothing listed in clearance sales. The offer is available both online and in select American Eagle Outfitters stores in the United States and Canada. As usual, the offer only applies to the cost of the merchandise and not any associated handling & shipping or tax fees.

The offer does appear to apply to international orders made online but it strictly applies to American Eagle Outfitters branded merchandise only.

The Brand for Young Shoppers

With a heavy focus on sustainable and ethical practices (referred to as the ‘AEO Better World’ initiative), American Eagle Outfitters are dedicated to ensuring that their operation does not impact the world negatively for current and future generations.

Not only are American Eagle Outfitters environmentally friendly, they’re also LGBT friendly, having partnered with GLAAD to support those who want to live their life as they choose without fear of harassment, discrimination or violence.

Also Available at American Eagle Outfitters

As with most major retail chains, there are several ways that you can save money when shopping at American Eagle Outfitters, either online or in store. There’s a gift card program, allowing you to purchase gifts for family and friends without worrying about getting the right size or style.

AEO also offer a comprehensive reward system for card-carrying members, with up to 40% discounts possible to the most loyal of customers. You’ll also get 15% off in your birthday month, a free bra if you buy five and special sales and events that are member-exclusive.

There are also AEO branded credit cards available that will reward you with AEO points the more money you spend with the credit card. You’ll also get an additional 5% off on purchases made at American Eagle Outfitters during your birthday month and have a $0 liability if you fall victim to credit card fraud.

Finally, AEO are embracing modern technology and have developed their own mobile app, allowing shoppers to purchase merchandise and receive exclusive special offers directly from their cell phone.