Get 10% Off Nike Gift Cards on eBay


Gift cards are a great compromise when it comes to birthdays, Christmas presents and other special occasions. With a bit of looking around, you can often find deals on gift cards that save a decent amount of money – meaning that they also work effectively as a 10% off deal on anything you buy! Linked below are five great deals on Nike gift cards, which can be bought through eBay, ranging from $25 to $100!

Get a $100 Nike Gift Card for $90 on eBay

Get a $50 Nike Gift Card for $45 on eBay!

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Get a $25 Nike Gift Card for $22.50 on eBay!

About the Deal

The gift cards linked to in this offer are valid in every Nike retail store in the United States and Puerto Rico. They also apply to purchases made on Nike websites. Like all gift cards, they may only be redeemed in exchange for merchandise and not cash.

The gift cards themselves do not expire or decrease in value if they’re not used, so there’s no reason not to buy them now even if you want to save them for Christmas or a distant birthday. They can be used on any Nike product, from shoes to fashion accessories and sporting equipment.

These items do not ship outside of the United States and are usually delivered within three to eight days.

About Nike

Originally specializing in running shoes, Nike has since branched out to become one of the world’s leading sports and fashion brands. Boasting a history of creating some of the most famous and iconic trainers and sports shoes, Nike has remained at the top of the industry for decades, constantly delivering stylish design and uncompromising quality.

About eBay

eBay is the world’s largest online auction and marketplace. With robust consumer protection and diligent customer service, buying from eBay has never been as worry-free. With that being said, it’s always best to ensure that you’re buying from a seller with a long history of overwhelmingly positive feedback and make your purchases through PayPal in order to ensure the highest level of protection.

The seller responsible for the coupons listed above has a very high positive feedback rating so you should be in good hands! Do be aware when buying other gift cards as some will be time sensitive and may not arrive before the relevant offer has expired!