Save Big on Samsung TVs at the Samsung Store


Running until May 14th, Samsung are offering big savings on a range of their TVs offered directly through the Samsung online store. Whether you’re looking for a massive new 4K curved screen or a more modest TV for a smaller room, there are some fantastic deals.

Special Offers on a Wide Range of Samsung TVs


The high-end 65″ version of the amazing KS8500 4K SUHD TV has had its price slashed by a massive $1,000! This TV includes Samsung’s new UHD dimming technology, providing one of the best pictures on the market. This model has a curved screen so keep that in mind and make sure your room is set up for it! Smaller versions of the same screen also have similar discounts.

Samsung 65″ KS8500 Curved SUHD TV

Next on the list is Samsung’s absolute top-end screen, the 78″ 4K SUHD JS9100. Samsung are offering $3,000 off the standard $11,999 list price for an unspecified amount of time. This screen is absolutely massive and is only suitable for large open spaces, but it undoubtedly looks incredible.

Samsung 78″ JS9100 Curved 4K SUHD TV

Moving into the more affordable market now, the 40″, 50″, 55″ and 60″ variations of the LED J6200 Smart TV are available for under half price, with discounts as steep as $1,000. This is a Full HD (1080p) TV, not 4K. It is still, however, a smart TV and, like most Samsung TVs offers great picture clarity and color reproduction.

Deals on Various Sizes of the Samsung J6200 FullHD Smart TV

Finally, if you’re looking for a smaller TV to go in a bedroom or secondary room, the 32″ J5003 FullHD TV is currently available for under half price, $229.99 rather than the usual $479. While it’s not top of the line, the picture quality is still top-notch and offers one of the best viewing experiences for fast moving images (i.e. sports) that you’ll find in this price range. Note that unlike the other TVs highlighted, this is not curved or a smart TV.

Samsung 32″ J5003 FullHD TV

Free Shipping

If you do decide to purchase one of the TVs from this special offer, you’ll also be entitled to free shipping, as Samsung offer that perk to all orders over $50.

The special offers only apply to TVs purchases directly from the Samsung online store, so you won’t find them in-store. Depending on which model you purchase, you’ll also qualify for a 10% reward e-certificate if you spend over $400 on a TV. That promotion runs until the end of May, and you’ll receive your certificate early in July. Note that they will expire at the end of August!